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Tips and Resources of Making Money Online

A friend of mine asked, “What tips and resources do you have on making money online.” With over 3 years of being an Internet Publisher, it is tough to have specific tips and resources to help others begin making money online. All my tips and resources seem like common sense and everyone knows them. But thinking more deeply, these are not known by everyone. With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about some tips and resources of making money online to help my friend and readers.

  1. Start Small Then Grow
    With everyone trying to find the next big thing, it allows us smart one to realize we need to start small to expand our understanding. For example would be when you begin your career as an Internet Publisher. You should start small with a mini five page website to help you learn all the working of managing a website than after some experience expand to a larger website that has the potential to earn more. This concept can be used in many different circumstances.
  2. Limit Reading
    You might of notice. It says, “Limit Reading” not “Stop Reading”. The reason for that is I know in the beginning you’ll need to be reading and learning as much as possible but don’t get caught in the trap of just trying to learn and learn without testing. You must limit your reading which will allow you to test new techniques rather it be in Affiliate Marketing, Designing, SEO, Programming, or PCC. Also instead of asking everyone else on forums if a technique works just test it out yourself.
  3. Stop Diversifying. Begin Focusing!
    If you talked to most financial advisor, they will tell you to diversify. Then why would I be saying, “Stop Diversifying. Begin Focusing!” Focusing means putting your heart into what your passionate about. That is why before I would ever venture into real estate, I want to be successful online as an Internet Publisher. Diversifying means (to me) your spreading yourself to thin with to many subjects to learn and become an expert.

For those who need more information on making money online, these are the sites that I currently visit on weekly bases. If you look deeply, each one has many different techniques you could learn and test out.

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$50 Into $1 A Day

This might sound like a simple challenge for experienced Internet Publisher but I know newcomers need the guidance on how to develop their first $1 a day website on a limited budget ($50). Knowing how to invest with $50 will allow them to smartly invest $100, $500, $1,000 or even more.

By following my challenge on turning “$50 into $1 a day”, you will learn the SEO methods used to develop a simple mini content site into a passive income source. Most of the methods for the developing and promoting will be cheap or free allowing anyone to follow in my footprints on this challenge.


For the rules, the total amount of cash that can be invested on this challenge is $50, excluding the hosting. The only link allowed is from my blog in these posts trying to help you see the development process; however, none of my other network of sites can aid in this challenge. My deadline will be 3 months from now on June 18th. The only reason this challenge needs at lease 3 months is because it takes Google awhile to get it indexed and ranking for the selected keywords. I’ll admit this is definitely a drawback on developing sites and earning money with SEO.


With a budget of $50, it will cover buying the content, domain, and promoting. Here is the breakdown of the money spent so far.

  • Topic: MRSA Superbug
  • Domain: - $1.19
  • Content: Outsourced Articles - $22.10
  • Total: $23.29

Just with the domain and content, they already used almost half of my budget so on this challenge I only have $26.71 for advertising this mini content site. That will be plenty of money seeing that normally I don’t spend anything on advertising.

Common Questions

Why did I choice this topic, MRSA Superbug?
I was watching Dr. Phil on TV and they had an episode on MRSA Superbug. It got me thinking about developing a site on that topic so I started researching the keyword and found that it only had 114,000 competitors on Google. Then I checked the amount of searches and noticed it got a decent amount of searches a month.

When did I decide to do this challenge?
It was April 6th when reading Jon Waraas post on “$150 A Day Arbitrage Challenge” and it reminded me about my first challenge My knowledge since that challenge has increase immensely and I wanted to share it to others.

What makes this challenge different than others?
The main difference is that the main goal for this challenge is obtainable by any newcomer to Internet Marketing. The second difference it requires very little amount of money to succeed. The third difference is at the bottom of each post there will be a To Do List for my readers.

Reader’s To Do List

Stated previously, here is a to do list for anyone that wants to test and try the methods throughout this challenge.

  1. Find A Source Of Income
    Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, NeverBlueAds, anyone of those would work.
  2. Research a topic for your mini content site
    Type in your topic in Google and check the competitors for that niche. Then use this Keyword Tool to check the amount of searches per month.
  3. Buy a Domain
    After you found your topic/niche for your mini content site, you need to write or outsource someone to write your articles, which will include 1 (500 word intro article) and 4 (500 word intro articles).

I would highly recommend to get started on your To Do List, today. Don’t Wait. Start Now! If you have any comments, request, or questions, just let me know. I want this challenge to help as much people as possible.

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Free Quick Way to Index Backlinks

I’ve used this technique to get my backlinks, mainly on mini-blogs (blogger, wordpress, tumblr and etc) and articles in directories, indexed in search engines.

  1. Add the pages/links in
  2. Create the feed
  3. Upload the feed to your server
  4. Then go to
  5. Submit your feed to
  6. Wait and see you’re your backlinks

It’s a pretty simple process but it works. It takes about a day or short to see results.


Article Directory Submitting

This is the process I use when submitting articles to directories, which involves a combination of an original, and couple of rewrites. It might take more work than just submitting the same article to all the directories but it gives the best link juice out of my one article. Personally rewriting an article is simple and takes no time for me to do but I know some people could have trouble doing it. If so, outsourcing it for $5 or less is well worth it.

What do you need?

  1. Original Article
  2. 2 rewrites of the original article

THE STEPS -Manual Submission

I normally avoid Mass Submission and just focus on manually submitting the articles; however, if you want to add the mass I would recommend doing it after the manual submits.

  1. Original article submit to (PR7)
    - Normally takes three days to get approved
    - Wait until the article is approved before doing STEP 4
  2. Rewrite the original article than submit to,, and (PR7)
  3. 2nd rewrite of the original article to submit to,,, and (PR6)
  4. Original article submit to (after ‘STEP 1’ Approval):,,,,,, (PR5-PR3)
  5. Backlink building to the articles (after all the articles are approved about 10 days)
    - Create a RSS Feed on all approved articles
    - Ping the RSS feed for 3 days until they get crawled or spidered.

That covers my process of getting the most link juice back from my articles submitted to directories. One of the main reasons, I posted this was to give me a quick reference, links, and reminder for future articles that are submitted to directories. Another reason is to help you get the most link juice from your articles.


Inspiration… A New Beginning!

I haven’t posted in a while now… actually a very long time; however, that phase is over and it is time to talk about what is going on now. The last few days, I’ve been watching “Social Network” the movie over and over and over. It has given me new inspiration to really focus on a new project that will increase the popularity in a specific niche that I’ve become very familiar in. I truly believe that with the employees, this project can be huge. I’ve been working on the coding, design, and the backend (admin area) to get this project running officially.

My main emphasis is to become locally know but able to spread without interfering with the project expansion. I’ve already tested it in a similar niche but missing one key element, employees/writers who know the niche. In this new niche I am dedicate in finding capable people before launch.

The thought of expanding my knowledge and comfort zone as an Internet entrepreneur excites me. It has been challenging so far because this project requires more than my current understandings of programming, promoting, and some other stuff that doesn’t come to mind at the moment.

I should of called this post, “all about my new project but won’t tell you what it is.” catchy isn’t it!
Back to letting everyone know what’s going on with The main reasons I haven’t done anything here for a long time… focusing on my online projects (small reason), there was a virus on my site and I didn’t know how to get it off without deleting all of my older post (The Real Reason). This whole time I didn’t want to just format my site and start from scratch; however, today I finally got tired of not wanting to deal with it and decided to just delete all the content/old posts and start from scratch and see how it goes.

So for everyone one that doesn’t know… I enjoy developing websites. Lol.

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